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As easy as breathing

Doing Aerosol has never been easier

Getting the benefits from salt inhalation is something that we unknowingly do whenever we go to the seaside, by breathing the local air, which is peculiarly rich in minerals. The same substances are absorbed by our body, carried by marine air – and later on laid on our skin – or by taking a bath in sea water.

With the same simplicity, you can enjoy the same benefits just through the use of this medical device in a much faster, more concentrated and 100% safe way.

The typical aerosol therapy is one of the safest and most effective methods for the treatment of respiratory diseases, especially among children.

Suitable for all ages and any place, Aerosal Divisione Medica®’s Aerosalmed3® revolutionizes the common aerosol concept; in fact, the ordinary aerosol therapy, requiring the use of a nebulizer and a mask, sometimes happens to be difficult to use, if not impossible to be administered to infants or very active children, besides being a bit boring and not so loved by adults.

The marine microclimate is reproduced in a confined space with scientific rigor and at a controlled temperature and humidity. In such closed area, micronized particles from an in-lab manufactured special solution of pure salt are released in the air.

The Aerosalmed3® dry aerosol does not wet or damp, and acts without anyone being able to notice. Moreover, it is mask-free, leaving complete freedom of movement to children, adults and the disabled, who can also access it on a wheelchair.

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