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Aerosol senza farmaci



The "Aerosal method", suitable for all ages, is the only one for which a scientific experimentation has been requested, initiated and published in Italy, proving its efficacy and safety.

The effectiveness of salt in reducing respiratory problems and in the elimination of toxins from the body is now well known and proven.

Salt-based nasal sprays, as well as nasal washes and showers must be done with sterile physiological solutions. In fact, they are useful tools to prevent infections and respiratory congestions; such treatments are also very effective as add-ons to specific medical therapies and help patients take full effectiveness from their prescribed medications.
The typical aerosol therapy, moreover, is still one of the most used and certainly one among the safest and most effective therapies for such kinds of conditions.

Aerosal Divisione Medica® was able to synthesize, in a dry, non-invasive system, the best of these traditional remedies, also rigorously specifying the ideal parameters for the effectiveness of treatment: a saline preparation with well-defined particle size and weight, capable of reaching all sections of the respiratory trait.
The salt used by Aerosal Divisione Medica® is therefore a special blend, finely micronized and optimized in Aerosal’s laboratory in order to reproduce the marine microclimate; controlled, measured and vacuum-packed, the dose itself, too, is a certified medical device.

The benefits that the Aerosal® method can deliver are never to be considered as a substitute for any kind of drug therapy, but rather as a valid complementary solution and an adjunct to medical care, as well as an excellent natural remedy, helping prevent many different medical conditions of the respiratory system and skin; all of this in a controlled and treatment-optimized atmosphere.

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