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Aerosal’s ethical and responsible choice: phtalate-free bubble

An essential element of our corporate philosophy of Aerosal Divisione Medica® is the preservation and full respect for the individual, health and the environment.

For this reason, particular attention has been paid not only to prepare medical saline compounds to be used in treatments, but also to raw materials and to the individual components that are at the core of the manufacturing of the Aerosalbubble® medical device.

Aerosal Divisione Medica®’s products are healthy and extremely safe both to use and to dispose.

All the pvc used in the “bubble” is “BPA FREE” certified. In fact, the product is free from bisphenol A, which is an extremely toxic and harmful phtalate.

Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri Dr. Frederick vom Saal, an extensively experienced biologist and researcher, recently stated: “About one thousand studies on BPAs are available today, and the vast majority of these have shown that they cause, or are linked to, several health problems; to name some: alterations in fertility, increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular problems and alterations in the brain.”

Phthalates are chemical additives that are used as plasticizers to make PVC – and plastic in general – more flexible and pliable. These substances can cause seriously toxic effects in the reproductive system, birth defects and miscarriages.

BPAs are subject to severe restriction in Europe and their use is banned or severely limited in the objects intended for contact with food, medicine and all items for infants, such as toys, inflatables and beach tools.

However, high levels of phthalates are continually being found in numerous items, as well as in many other products, necessarily involving adults and children and “escaping” regulatory restriction.

In Italy, the problem has long been discussed and several health facilities are switching to the use of phtalate-free products, particularly in neonatal intensive care units.

In fact, European regulations do not permit the use of phthalates in a concentration above 0.1% in toys and childcare items.
Aerosal Divisione Medica® decided to fully commit to the use of healthy and safe materials, adopting even more restrictive limitations than those normally required: the Aerosalbubble® bubble has a 0.00% concentration of phtalates.

The PVC used is made with a special phthalate-free formula, certified and made in Italy.

Aerosal Divisione Medica® therefore represents a safety guarantee from a toxicological point of view in all its products. This makes Aerosalbubble® a safe device that can be used safely by people of every gender and age.

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