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Medical Device CE 0476

The halotherapy treatment is made in the Aerosalbubble®, which is a non-toxic, phthalate-free pvc structure, resembling the inflatables that kids love to play with.

The salt diffused by the saline dry aerosol gives the air a very low bacterial load, creating favorable and comfortable conditions for patients. The treatment is very simple. In fact, patients can get inside with their clothes on: no specific clothing is required! Comfortable clothes are just recommended.

Aerosalbubble as such has no therapeutic effect, if anything it is more thought of as a scenic element enriching the environment and increasing the patients’ wellbeing.

The beneficial effect is thanks to the inhaled salt diffused by a dry salt diffuser which, through the membrane osmotic gradient, promotes an improvement in the respiratory activity.

Thanks to the transparency of the bubble structure, it is fully suitable even for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

Technological evolution today gives us Aerosalbubble®, a new standardized, patented CE Medical Device that’s capable of simultaneously treating the upper and lower respiratory tracts, through an innovative technique, giving a natural, effective response, highly suitable for both adults and children.

The Aerosalbubble® is part of the CE 0476 Medical Device certified system.

Caratteristiche tecniche Aerosalbubble


  • mobile system usable in case of necessity
  • easy assembly
  • relatively small in size (1.65 m x 1.65 m x height 1.90 m)
  • use of transparent materials (anti-panic)

Assembly instruction

Installation instructions for the Aerosalbubble® medical device

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