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Halotherapy in your home

The company has also thought of all of those who still cannot benefit from the availability of a clinic or an authorized Aerosal in their vicinity.

Thanks to Aerosalhome®, a portable, small size, easily foldable tent, you can do your salt therapy in the comfort of your home.

Inside Aerosalhome®, children can freely play games or do activities, still unawarely doing an extremely beneficial therapy that will have them come back soon.

Thanks to the transparent structure of the tent, you can check on your kids from the outside, while dedicating time to what you love doing.

Aerosalhome® as such has no therapeutic effect, if anything it is more thought of as a scenic element enriching the environment and increasing the patients’ wellbeing.

The beneficial effect is thanks to the inhaled salt diffused by a dry salt diffuser which, through the membrane osmotic gradient, promotes an improvement in the respiratory activity.

This is ideal also for those who have difficulty in moving and must often give up useful treatments instead.

Aerosal Divisione Medica brings salt therapy to your home, thanks to its rental formulas.

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How to easily mount the device

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How to use saline aerosol in your home

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How to disassemble the device quickly

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