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A natural aid to the breathing of adults and children

Given the fact that this type of salt has been micronized and packed in a controlled environment in the company’s laboratory and diffused through the dry salt aerosol diffusers, its particles have all what it takes to reach all sections of the respiratory tract.

Sodium chloride is capable of optimizing the “mucociliary clearance”, that is, the set of small lashes on the cells in the respiratory tract. By means of frequent, regular and coordinated movements, these cells carry the slim layer of mucus covering them to the oral cavity: the result is a continuous clearance of the entire respiratory tract. In fact, mucus helps expel pollutants and pathogenic micro-organisms filtered from the ciliary system of cell membranes.

When inhaled, salt reaches the respiratory system, where its beneficial action promotes the patient’s wellbeing, as the salt’s osmotic properties act on the mucus and the irritated mucous membranes.


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Salt therapy has beneficial effects in many diseases, such as:

  • Asthma – Halotherapy is a very beneficial treatment for patients with asthma, thanks to the capabilities of saline aerosols.
  • Bronchitis – Often, a simple cold can lead to bronchitis, which can take up to a few weeks to disappear. Chronic bronchitis is common among smokers. In the case of bronchitis, halotherapy leads to better lung function, thus reducing cough.
  • Allergies – An allergy is a reaction of the immune system caused by harmless substances called allergens. These substances can cause a variety of reactions in the sufferer’s body. Allergens, by inhalation, can cause an asthma attack due to the narrowing reaction in the airways and the increased amount of mucus in the lungs. Halotherapy can help by contributing to the reduction in the inflammation of the respiratory tract.
  • Paranasal sinus infections, sinusitis – Halotherapy improves the symptoms of sinusitis. It can do so by deleting clogs, helping reduce the paranasal sinus and promoting its purification.
  • Skin disorders, acne, eczema – The saline aerosols have beneficial effects, creating an unfavorable environment for bacterial proliferation. In addition, thanks to relaxation achieved during the session, halotherapy also contributes to the patient’s state of well-being.


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