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Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy with Aerosal® method


At the seaside, if you stay in coastal towns characterized by rocky shores, you can inhale sea salt naturally. Salt and iodine cause the increased production of nasal mucus and expectoration which, characteristically, we experience in the early days of a stay at the seaside.
After a short time, the nose dries and does not drip anymore, and the lymph nodes in the neck, which are often a cause of worry for moms, can get back to a state of quiescence and progressively shrink in volume, which is why children classified as “lymphatic” were often recommended a stay at the sea. It would be nice to live just a few steps from the sea or, living there, have time to enjoy its benefits all year round. Unfortunately, this is not a privilege of many.

The Salt therapy may be the answer to our needs.

It is a very simple, non-invasive method involving the inhalation of a dry saline aerosol through the upper and lower airways. The treatment lasts 30 minutes, during which the patient inhales a dose of micronized salt. The salt used in the dry salt aerosol diffuser is controlled and packaged in the form of micronized crystals in standardized quantities, in a special in-house laboratory, unlike other systems that micronize and grind salt directly into the diffuser, preventing a controlled dosage.

Iodized salt is used in a small percentage to simulate sea air, and to keep the exposure levels to iodine within the correct range.
The treatment with salt is fully natural; this is why it is suitable for all age groups, even for children, who are often the first ones to suffer from respiratory disorders.
It should be noted, however, that the “Salt therapy” should not be considered an alternative to any drug treatment the patient might currently be on.
The ideal cycle is 10-12 sessions to be repeated several times during the year, preferably (but not necessarily) daily.
The benefits will continue for a period of time ranging from six months to one year, depending on the case. Given that you can’t take the sea home, the salt therapy can provide most of its health benefits, thus saving you time and money.



The system is standardized, because:

  • Particles, with a size of PM10, have a known composition, controlled by an optical particle counter device: GRIMM (1,108).
  • The modulated delivery system ensures a PM10 concentration of particles (m³ < to 50 µg) that will not cause rino-bronchial hyperactivity.

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