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About us

Aerosal Divisione Medica

"Act so that the consequences of your actions are compatible with the survival of an authentic human life on Earth."

[op. cit. Hans Jonas, from The Principle of Responsibility].

Philosopher and great intellectual Hans Jonas always urged the fact that our choices and actions can help determine a specific destiny for everybody’s children.

Health and environment are at the core of our company. It is essential to achieve such environmental quality that may not give rise to consequences or to significant risks for human health.

The environment has now become something to care for, since it is considered to be in a state of endangerment by a growing number of people, institutions and states. In today’s technologically advanced civilization, nature is sending an SOS request for protection and rescue.
But can a new culture and sustainability-oriented ethics give us a better future, then? Absolutely!

For Areosal Divisione Medica®, the ethical choice is realized in the ability to integrate products and activities from its business with the protection and respect of all the stakeholders it deals with. The recipients of these advantages are men from the present generation as well as those from future generations.

From the choice of premium quality, phtalate-free materials to the processing of a micronized, in-lab purified salt, to the therapeutic approach, which is completely spontaneous and non-invasive; our activity fully respects all living beings as well as nature: this is the primary objective of our actions and not just a means to achieve mere profit.
This means working in a better way and with dignity, observing the rules, and being inspired by universally shared values and principles.

Our business is therefore addressed to the widest audience possible, starting from the most sensitive subjects such as children and the elderly, up to entire families and pets.

Special care is given to the youngest: today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Raising them according to ethical and responsible choices, addressed to the environment and to the individual, yet spontaneously and without any constraints, is the key to improving our life quality. This is also the philosophical flagship model that guides Areosal Divisione Medica┬«.


Technological innovation

The progressive increase of respiratory diseases caused by different factors, such as pollution, environmental factors, development of allergies and personal habits (smoking), has prompted more and more scientific research in finding new methodologies to address this emergency.

Technological evolution today gives us a new dry aerosol therapy system, patented, standardized and certified as a CE Medical Device, capable of simultaneously treating the upper and lower respiratory tracts, through an innovative technique, giving an effective response, naturally, and highly suitable for both adults and children.

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